At our last exhibition we had a visitor.

                                                  Steve Flint Editor, Railway  Modeller

Show Appearances updated 24.08.2018

Show Appearances updated 14.04.2018

Show appearances updated. 18.02.2018                             



   ***** COMING SOON: Watch the trains approach and leave the station at      platform height with our new hidden camera. *****


. New Locomotives added to the ever growing stock list.

. New Station shop has been added to match the one that is being built.  

. New scene changes to keep the viewing public interested. 

. Beer festival and live music to be scene and heard, along with the the barrel organ music. 

. The couple who put steam engines back on the tracks, Mrs Erika Salmon and Mr Tom Salmon. Mr Salmon is credited by the North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) as being the  " Father of the Railway".

He began the process of preserving the railway line in the 1960s, after Dr Richard Beechings announcement that line between Pickering and Whitby would be amongst 5,000 miles of track and 2,300 stations to be axed.

In 1967 Mr Salmon held the first meeting of the preservation society at the couples home, where others who attended remembered how his determination to restore the branch won over the doubters. By then the line had been closed for two years and they had to prevent British Rail lifting the track. Within six years of the meeting, the line reopened and is now one the most popular heritage routes in the world, carrying about 350,000 passengers during the 260 days of the year it is open and employing about 100 full-time, paid staff and hundreds of volunteers. 

. General Manager and Director of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Mr Chris Price has also been added. 

2016 Updates 


Finally we have recieved the long awaited No.29 Lambton Tank.

Come and see the new addition at our next exhibition.

                                                                           NYMR DAME VERA LYNN 

                                                       Fight for Vera fund we'll steam again 3672

                                        Please help us and the north yorkshire moors railway get 

Dame Vera Lynn back on the tracks, Please visit our links page and click on 'Dame Vera Lynn' or why not purchase pin badges, wrist bands plus much more ever little helps.

We will have badges, wristbands and order forms for the polo shirts, fleece jacket and hat and scarf sets. 

During the little break we have had. We have done a few changes and updated a few things. 

. Added passengers into carriages

. Added drivers, fireman, lamps & real coal to tenders

. Leds added to signals so they now light up

. Added a new feature to the carpark, plus many more things added

. Also some excited news has arrived, Two new locomotives will be ready for this year & will be appearing on the layout. Lambton tank No. 29 0-6-2T & Dame Vera Lynn 3672 2-10-0 WD Austerity

. New show appearance dates and venues added. 17.03.16 

. Few more locomotives added. 11.09.16

.Model of Dame Vera Lynn is coming along well. 11.09.16

. Appearance dates and venues updated. 11.09.16 


. Realigned fiddle yard with LEDS to show direction and working off the seep motors.

. Added the land slip to scenery inc workers, cones and road signs. 

. Added camera crew on road. Filming Heartbeat. 

. Claude Greengrass getting into trouble with the police again. 

. Added snap catches and alignment dowels to baseboards. 

. updated photos, Mr John Bruce is Goathland's very own station master.

. Railway modeller have been to photograph the layout for an article due to be published on 11th Septmeber 2014. 

. 2015 news just had photo shoot done by Mike wild for the Hornby Magazine 

. new show dates added. 

. Andy york from BRM been  for photoshoot

. Chris nevard from Model Rail been for photoshoot.

. more dates added o show appearances

. New product links added. See the links page 

. Article in Hornby magazine issue 99 september 2015

.new features added, can you spot what they are?? 

. Article made front cover of BRM october issue

.Show Appearances added.